Using humor, compassion, and the sage wisdom of Grandma Esther, this book offers a tried and true map to manifesting the authentic life many seek, but few ever find.

​- Dennis Merritt Jones, Award-winning author and speaker

Terry has masterfully woven together humor, reflection, and wisdom in a book that provides a fun and uplifting reading experience. I love it! I will be sure to talk about it at the Center and share some wise and witty points from it to help spread the word. When the print copy is available, we will purchase some to have in our bookstore.

- Christy Semple, Center for Spiritual Living Greater Pittsburgh

Amazing how the simplest words can make the most sense. Wish I'd known Grandma Esther. Wacky? Maybe. Wise? You bet!

- Jo W.

I was drawn in immediately, written from an openness and pure vulnerability. Journeying through reflections and the innocence of humour, I met and experienced Grandma Esther and her wisdom coined "Estherisms". I loved this book.

Mary Ellen Cassey, RScP​

​Amazing and thoughtful book. I loved the way he related the “Estherisms” to everyday solutions and views of the world. It gave a refreshingly positive perspective on everyday life and how silly some problems can really be. Great read for absolutely everyone from any background!

- Taylor

​Light, pleasant reading with a purpose.

- Sue Fullmer

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Coined "Estherisms," this new book reviews the many wise and wacky sayings of a woman who told it like it was throughout her life. Get to know her and how her view of life is more applicable today than ever before.

#Estherisms is the new hashtag for ancient wisdom served up in a baudy, down-to-earth style!

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