The final component in the workshop is basing the entire process on "Clear Intention." Throughout the session, I endeavor to help participants to clarify their life desires so that they may move ahead with success. Each person or organization comes away from the session with workable vision and mission statements.

To schedule a lecture, workshop or weekend experiential to create or review the vision and mission statements for your organization, contact me today!

I also offer one-on-one personal coaching using this same program. I accept only twelve clients per year and there is a twelve-to-fifteen week (depending on your schedule) commitment. Acceptance is by interview only. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

What is your vision for life?

By developing a passion for our vision and mission we begin to experience the fulfillment of those things we most desire: loving relationships - a fulfilling career - abundance in all areas of our life - and a healthy body in which to enjoy a life worth living. In other words, we are living in bliss.

I've been working for over twenty years to help organizations, churches and centers to focus their intentions through unique visions to carry out their purpose and workable missions to fulfill the vision. These same techniques can be applied to business ventures, relationships and individuals.

‚ÄčThe workshops provided begin with a discussion of the basis or possibility of bliss in a world that the media has painted as dangerous, unfeeling and hopeless. Participants or clients are then taken through what I call,

The Five "P's"