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How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life!

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I’ve dedicated myself to helping people live exceptional lives for more than 30 years, helping thousands of people use results-based strategies to take “quantum leaps” in all areas of life. Terry’s new book, How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! provides simple, easy explanations to the challenges of life without the metaphysical psycho-babble often seen in topics like this. Through relating his own life challenges he provides the reader with practical, usable exercises to clarify his/her purpose in life and how to best fulfill that vision and mission. – James Mapes, author of Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Terry Drew Karanen’s newest book, How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life!: Using a vision and mission to create a life worth living. So often books in the spirituality or self-help genres end up being more of an edict on what we must do, instead of being the guides they are meant to be. In Get a Life! Terry doesn’t preach, he shares ideas. His ability to relate both his successes in life as well as his personal demons provide a refreshing atmosphere to promote action and healing for the reader. I was especially impressed with the many exercises he includes to help the reader find their own path and answers. Excellent reading! – Dennis Merritt Jones, author of Your (Re)Defining Moments:  Becoming who you were born to be

How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! provides a practical roadmap to a more fulfilled and joyful life.  As the author suggests, our true happiness is within reach.  It provides insights into the process of discovering our true Divinity through deeper understanding of spiritual principles, practical exercises, and the use of vision and mission processes. The bibliography by itself is one of the best I have seen on the field of life enrichment through spiritual practices. – Rev. J. Robert Gale, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer (retired), United Church of Religious Science and Dean (retired), Holmes Institute

This inspiring and practical “how-to” book, How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! is clearly and gently written in Terry’s authentic and humorous style that engages the reader immediately and leads him or her through sound processes that are expertly designed to open to a life of new possibilities.  He creates and sustains a feeling that one is in attendance at a lively seminar in which the participant feels safe, supported, and awakened to a greater vision and mission for life. As he presents excellent examples and guides the reader through practical exercises, it is obvious that he has effectively used these processes himself, as the teacher cannot take the student to a place that he has not also traveled. – Maxine Kaye, author ofAlive and Ageless: How to Feel Alive and Live Fully Every Day of Your Life

Terry Drew Karanen describes bliss as having a love affair with life. To nurture and sustain such a love requires a clear vision and a lifestyle commitment. Karanen's latest book, How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! is the perfect helpmate in deepening your bliss commitment and learning to trust your heart. Wonderfully written and clearly detailed, this book will help you do exactly that! – David Ault, author of The Grass Is Greener Right Here

After 80 years of living, with challenges, ups and downs, fears, and accomplishments, I am again ready for my next phase or project life has for me. With the help and guidance of Terry Drew Karanen’s book, Get a Life! and following his suggested exercises, I am ready to decide what that will be. – Marilyn Leo, author of Chronicles of Religious Science

I know of Terry’s work as a minister and counselor, but How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! was my first experience of Terry as an author. As a movie/drama critic, I know my readers expect me to dissect the media I review with a critical eye. I take my job very seriously because I know what I write often determines whether my readers see a film or decide to skip it. It’s always a pleasure to be able to acknowledge the work of an artist as being worthwhile and I’m proud to be able to do that for Terry’s latest book. If How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! was a film, it would be a solid 10 on the Granger Movie Gauge of 1 to 10! – Susan Granger, SSG Syndicate, on-air television and radio commentator and entertainment critic

Terry is clearly passionate about bliss, and clearly excited about helping other people discover their own bliss. In How to Find Your Vision and Get a Life! he lays out his process for you to discover your vision and mission, essential elements, he tells us, for creating a life that is worth living.  The exercises are practical and the stories are personal and through the words the reader gets a sense of how enthusiastic Terry is about sharing what has worked so well in his life. – Edward Viljoen, author of The Power of Meditation